A bit about us:

Hi! We're WaystoCap a Y Combinator startup backed by a top tier VC: Battery Ventures; and we are building the future trading platform of B2B in Africa. We are on a mission to unlock trade in Africa, by creating transparency and trust in international trade.

Our headquarters are in: Morocco with offices in Benin, Burkina Faso and Spain!

As part of WaystoCap's commitment to education, and our belief that the impending challenges and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution(4IR), offer the next generation an opportunity to participate in WaystoCap Academy which will give you skills that will be transferable and useful in the future economy.

A little more about what we do:

Our mission is to help businesses in Africa work with trusted partners globally and grow their company. We are building a trust platform, as its the missing component in any trade! We do more than just a listing or marketplace site, and help our buyers and sellers go through the entire trade process more easily, efficiently, and improved with technology.

Here is a short video about us: The African Opportunity

We want every African business to be able to trade internationally, just like any company and take advantage of cutting edge tech to solve payments, logistics, and most importantly trust issues. In our first year of full operations (2017) we already grew 300%, and the sky is the limit!

WaystoCap was named a technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum, and as a firm believer in the 4IR we want every member of the WaystoCap academy to have the opportunity to learn and grow within a technology focused company, and acquire the skills for their future career.

Our goal for your time in the WaystoCap Academy:

In joining our program you will be working directly with our sourcing team, and you will learn the skills necessary to help you understand the future supply chain, and the actors that exist in the movement of goods globally.

At the beginning of the program we will discuss the goals you hope to achieve during your time with us, and we will craft something to best suit your aims, and WaystoCap's needs. We want you to leave with real tangible skills!

Requirements for participation:

  • Fluent in French and English
  • Account management, sales or operational experience
  • Comfortable with using software (Google Suite, Slack, Word, Excel, other products)
  • A desire to learn and a willingness to work to acquire useful skills
  • Have a background in software engineering from either university or work experience

What we offer:

    • A chance to work on real world skills and develop as a software engineer, to enhance career prospects
    • Work with a talented team and learn from international advisors and investors
    • Have the opportunity to become a full-time employee of WaystoCap

    Please include reasons why you would like to participate in the WaystoCap Fellowship and what you hope to achieve during the course of your period with us.